Study Abroad

The Italian Program at UIUC offers two study abroad options for students who would like to improve their language and cultural skills. For students with no or limited previous work in Italian, the UIUC Program in Verona is ideal. Students can spend either fall or spring semester in the heart of the Veneto region. All courses in Verona transfer immediately as resident UIUC credit.

Students who have completed at least the fourth semester level of Italian are encouraged to study abroad with our BCSP consortia program in Bologna. On this program, students take a mix of program specific courses with other U.S. students and courses at the University of Bologna with Italians and many international students. The Bologna program provides the ultimate in a study abroad experience: a full year* immersed in language and culture in the food capital of Italy!

*Spring only semester options are available on a limited basis.

Study Abroad Office